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Harp for Healing

Currently, Alison is working for Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center as a full time harpist. She plays therapeutic music in lobbies, patient floors, and bedside. She also plays monthly to benefit ALS and the marathon bombing victims group. 


In the Harp for healing program, Alison was trained on playing a small harp bedside, or in common areas in hospitals. The intent is to ease the stresses of the hospital environment.


With experience volunteering at Massachusetts General Hospital as a GentleMuse, run by Cynthia Price-Glynn, and two years at Dana Farber, a year at Tufts Medical Center, it is apparent how strong the harp can be in a hospital.


More information on the Harp program at BIDMC can be found at:


Healing Harp Program at BIDMC Boston

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